Level up Your Makeup: Top Ten Tutorials for Trans Women

Level up Your Makeup: Top Ten Tutorials for Trans Women

Level up Your Makeup: Top Ten Tutorials for Trans Women

Makeup is a powerful form of self-expression, and it holds a special place in the journey of many trans individuals. Recognizing its significance, I've curated a list of engaging and informative makeup and beauty tutorial videos from YouTube. These range from beginner-friendly lessons to advanced techniques, ensuring everyone, regardless of their makeup proficiency, finds valuable insights.


1. Concealing a 5 O'Clock Shadow

A major concern for many non-binary and transfeminine individuals is the 5 o'clock shadow, which can be a source of dysphoria. Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick shares comprehensive tips tailored to different skin types.




2. Additional 5 O'Clock Shadow Techniques

Diversity in techniques is crucial. This video by a non-professional makeup enthusiast offers straightforward, clear demonstrations for effective shadow concealment.



3. Feminine Makeup Transformation

Samantha’s journey from color correction to highlights, coupled with the tips she's picked up during her male to female transition, offers a versatile guide to achieving a feminine look.



4. Feminization without FFS

For those considering alternatives to facial feminization surgery (FFS), this tutorial uses FFS reference points for a transformative, glamorous makeup application.

5. Natural Feminization Techniques

Melissa Murdick returns with beginner-friendly advice on feminizing facial features through contouring and highlighting, explaining her methods in an accessible way.



6. Nikkie's Makeup Routine

Join Dutch makeup artist Nikkie as she shares her makeup routine and experiences as a transgender woman. The video features timestamps for easy navigation and useful eye makeup tips.



7. Day to Night Makeup Transformation

This comprehensive tutorial covers transitioning your makeup from day to night. The video, filmed before the content creator's FFS, serves as an inspirational before-and-after comparison.



8. Achieving a Natural Look

For those who prefer a minimalist makeup style, Victoria Rose's experience and approach can help you enhance your natural beauty.



9. Skincare as the Foundation for Makeup

Trans activist and model Leyna Bloom shares her skincare routine. Remember, healthy skin is the perfect canvas for makeup application.



10. Skincare Routine and HRT Effects

This in-depth video discusses a basic skincare routine and its interaction with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), featuring a cute pug in the background!



Closing Thoughts

I hope this list serves as a valuable guide on your makeup and beauty journey. A heartfelt thanks to the content creators for their invaluable insights and contributions. Remember, beauty is deeply personal. Whether you're exploring makeup for the first time or honing your skills, these videos are here to assist you. If you're looking for more ways to express your identity, explore our Tuck Kit and Bra Buds – designed to celebrate your unique beauty at every stage of your journey.

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