Hunter Schafer Shows off Tuck Kit for GQ in Viral Video

Tuck Kit makes the list of her 10 things she can't live without

April 12th, 2024

Hey fam! Maddie here. We’re totally buzzing over here at Unclockable! 🎉 Our very own Tuck Kit just got the ultimate shoutout from none other than the iconic Hunter Schafer!

That's right, in a super fresh editorial video by GQ titled “10 Things Euphoria's Hunter Schafer Can't Live Without,” our game-changing Tuck Kit made the list. And guess what? This wasn't even a sponsored mention! 💖

Want to skip to the Tuck Kit? Check the shoutout at 3 minutes 54 seconds.

Since hitting YouTube on April 2nd, the video's already cruising near 80K views, with the Tuck Kit timestamp marked as "Most replayed" 🤩

You may be thinking: GQ though? On the surface, it might not seem like the most affirming magazine to be featured in. But, GQ has been branching out and features women of all experiences in these type of segments. It passes the vibe check, and I personally see it as an example where what is trans is becoming what is mainstream.

While we’re still waiting for it to drop on Instagram Reels, TikTok is already buzzing with clips that are catching fire.

Curious to see what grabbed Hunter’s attention about our products? Check out the video to discover Hunter's fave, and shop Tuck Kit right here at Unclockable.

We're incredibly grateful to Hunter Schafer for highlighting our Tuck Kit as one of her must-haves! It's a big moment for us, and her support makes all the difference. Thank you all for being part of our community and helping us share what makes Unclockable special. Spread the word, stay proud, and keep rocking what makes you unique!

Maddie Bleistern
CEO, Unclockable