Bra Buds Step-by-step


Choose swimwear tops that have a pocket for inserts, or an underwire. Even a tight elastic band can help provide the necessary support to prevent the Bra Buds from slipping.

For added security during your water leisure times, we recommend the use of garment tape to keep your Bra Buds perfectly positioned in your swimwear.

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How do I care for my Bra Buds?

Rub gently with just a little soap and water, or a dab of alcohol, and they're ready for their next outing. (Or, not-outing😅)

Which way is right-side up? Is there a top and bottom orientation?

Looking at each Bra Bud from the side, the thicker part is the bottom and the thinner part is the top. So when sitting in your bra, the thickest part would get a great seat by the band 🎺 — meaning it's sitting right at the bottom of the cup nearest the band, or underwire.

Can I swim with Bra Buds?

Absolutely, Bra Buds are ready for swimming, from bikini tops to athletic swim tops. They're designed to be water-resistant and retain their shape and feel, even when wet. Bra Buds perform best with swimwear tops that have a pocket for inserts, but they can also confidently pair with any top that has an underwire or a tight elastic band, as these provide the necessary support to prevent the Bra Buds from slipping. Please note, while Bra Buds enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence during relaxed swimming and lounging, they may not be suitable for strenuous swimming activities like lap swimming. For added security during your water leisure times, we recommend the use of garment tape to keep your Bra Buds perfectly positioned in your swimwear."

What makes Bra Buds different?

Bra Buds stand out for their size, thickness, and quality. They're 28% wider than typical inserts, measuring 5.1 inches compared to the usual 4 inches. This extra width offers a more natural and fuller look. They're also 25% thicker, at 1.25 inches, providing enough volume to add a full 1-2 cup sizes when worn. Moreover, they're taller - 4 inches compared to the standard 3 inches - for enhanced shape and comfort. Made from durable, medical-grade silicone, they're designed to last and feel natural. And let's not forget, they're designed to be as pretty and unique as the trans women who wear them!

Can I wear Bra Buds with any bra?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are versatile and crafted to complement a wide range of bras, adding a natural, full appearance to your look. They are ideal for use with sports bras, everyday bras, and those special occasion pieces in your wardrobe. However, we recommend avoiding the use of Bra Buds with padded bras, as they are already designed to provide additional fullness and using Bra Buds with them may not yield the most comfortable or aesthetically pleasing result. For the best experience, we suggest using Bra Buds with non-padded bras to enhance your silhouette beautifully and comfortably.

Are Bra Buds noticeable under clothing?

Bra Buds are designed to be discreet and natural-looking under any clothing. They mimic the natural feel and movement of real breasts, allowing you to confidently wear any outfit of your choice.

Are Bra Buds comfortable?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are crafted from medical-grade silicone that is soft, comfortable, and moves naturally with you. They warm to your body and have a weight that's just right, so you can wear them throughout your day with confidence.

How many Bra Buds come in a set?

Each Bra Buds package offers a complete set with two bra inserts: one left bud and one right bud.

I have sensitive skin. Can I wear Bra Buds?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are made from medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and latex-free, making them safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They are designed to be gentle and comfortable, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

What are Bra Buds?

Bra Buds are silicone bra inserts specifically designed for Trans Women. They're tools for gender-affirming self-expression, not just physical enhancers. They provide a natural-looking feminine silhouette while offering comfort and confidence.

Are Bra Buds available in different sizes?

Our design takes the hassle of sizing out the equation. Simply put, Bra Buds fit, or your money back. Thoughtfully designed for trans women with band sizes 34 to 42, their wider and taller design makes them an excellent choice for wider chested trans women, providing a natural-looking fullness and shape that aligns with their body dimensions. This unique feature helps enhance their feminine silhouette while ensuring comfort and confidence in every outfit.