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Stories of Gender Euphoria,
Trans Joy, and Dysphoria Resilience.


"Back in 2020, my partner (now fiancée) encouraged me to explore my gender identity. I eventually came out as trans, changing my name officially and finally starting HRT. It's been an amazing journey, and we are to be this year - two brides ❤️"


“I’m a 53 year-old woman of Transgender experience, who started my transition at 49. Living authentically has allowed me to realize my fullest potential. As a computer engineer, parent, and partner, I’m living my life to its fullest potential”


"My domestic situation caused me to wait until the age of 71 to begin my transition. My family and friends have been supportive, but I found that the changes left me with no real social circle. I used Meetup to join a group of women in my area. Spending time with these women has been especially affirming since they comfortably treat me as the woman I was meant to be. And that is euphoria for me! "


"I work as a lifeguard, and ever since coming out, the chosen family I've made at the pool has been incredibly welcoming to me as a woman. They completely make me feel like one of the girls, never perceiving me as a man but only as Korra. I've never been called by my deadname by any of them. This family has truly made me feel like a wave in the pool, just like the rest of them. Thank you, chosen family 💕"


"Even though I started pretty young, I never thought I'd transition as well as others did. However, when looking back, I can see just how much progress I've made. Be patient, it's worth the wait!"


"The first few years were mostly personal and private progress on my transition, but now I have begun to go out more often and continue building my confidence and self positivity! I love seeing the girl I had always dreamed of looking back at me in the mirror. It's pure euphoria!"


Three years ago when I first came out, I never thought I could be comfortable to take this picture. It was the first time using the Unclockable Tuck Kit. It made me feel so much more comfortable and confident. Totally a moment of trans joy 🥰” 

El Zi

"Thank you so much for sharing your amazing Tuck Kit with the world. I used it for my music video "COSMIC" - a nonbinary vegan anthem celebrating love, unity, and the interconnectedness of all things. Your product helped me feel confident and comfortable on screen, and I'm so grateful for that! Let's continue to create a more inclusive and accepting world for everyone, together"

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"I grew up in a small rural English town heavily influenced by Section 28. I didn't come out as trans til I was 38. I have now been out and on hormones for 2 years. I regularly visit London to go to areas with more accepting & diverse people and have made lots of new friends. I'm still a long way off having the correct body, and that hurts, but the love of the community keeps me going"


"I was full of doubt and shame in the past, only to realize later in life that it simply is an undeniable and beautiful part of myself. Accepting that has made me a happier, more fulfilled person”


"There's no right or wrong way to be yourself. Let your authenticity shine through, however that presents. Do not stress about barriers, stereotypes or boundaries. Be free to be yourself and present your individuality"


"I wouldn't have been able to rock this bikini without Unclockable and their amazing product!"