Tucking at the beach or pool

Here are 3 Things to Know Before Swimming Tucked

Here are 3 Things to Know Before Swimming Tucked

It's finally happening. You've read our How To Tuck Guide, and now you're going to have the most gender-affirming swim ever!

Swimming while tucked is totally euphoric. I want you to have that same incredible experience that I and hundreds of Unclockable customers enjoy. So without further intro, let's begin . . .

Before you slip on your swimsuit, here's what you need to know:

  1. Your Tuck will last 4 hours when wet, guaranteed
  2. Avoid tanning oils or sunscreens that have oil in the ingredients
  3. Why it's a good idea to bring a backup Kit

#1: Your Tuck will last 4 hours when wet, guaranteed

As a trans woman, preparing for the pool or beach can seem daunting. These are usually public spaces where it's not always safe to be outed by a swimsuit malfunction.

That's why I designed Tuck Kit to be swim-proof, so you can feel confident and enjoy a worry-free tuck that stays in place.

Now, of course, in order to work well, your Tuck Kit has to be applied correctly. Here's how to get that 4-hour tuck for swimming and sunbathing:

  • Carefully follow the How To Tuck Guide and take your time. Apply at home, or in private someplace where you won't be rushed
  • Make sure you're shaven, or that you have no more than 2mm of hair. That's about the thickness of two plastic debit/credit cards
  • Apply your Tuck Kit to clean, towel-dried skin. Ideally, apply after a shower to ensure the area is clean and doesn't have any oils or lotions that could interfere with the Tuck's hold
  • Get the best fit:
    • Start the tuck further down on the front of your body, to give you more product to work with as you pull it back
    • Pull the tuck back just slightly tighter than usual, before then setting it down against the skin. This will allow the adhesive layers in the product to contract or squeeze together when they make contact with your body, giving the tuck better grip on your skin.
    • If you find that applying lower on the front of your body causes the tuck to peek out of your bikini bottom in the back, trim away the the excess before completing your tuck. Note: when swimming tucked, a slightly higher cut bikini is recommended (but not required) for the best swim-proof tucking results.
  • Only hit the pool or beach once your tuck has set flat against the skin for 30 minutes. To accelerate this process and help ensure a superior hold for your tuck, you can sit on a warm car seat or gently rub the end of the tuck (at your lower back). The heat from your hand or the car's seat will ensure the adhesive is totally activated

#2: Avoid tanning oils or sunscreens that have oil in the ingredients

Your Tuck Kit uses a proprietary acrylic adhesive that's hypoallergenic and specifically designed for skin. This means it provides a medical-grade bond. But there are some limits, as with all things that rely on physics and chemistry 🤓. . .

The bond your Tuck Kit provides is water-proof, but not oil-proof. Oils from lotions and creams can travel down from your back or abdomen and loosen your tuck. In fact, the oils found in lotions and creams break down the adhesive so well that we recommend using them as a method for easily removing any adhesive left behind after un-tucking.

#3: Why it's a good idea to bring a backup Kit

Apply a new Tuck Kit after using the bathroom. When dry, your Tuck Kit can be re-applied at least once after using the restroom. When using the bathroom after swimming, while your tuck is wet, you’ll need to replace your Tuck Kit. Carefully remove the tuck by pulling down from the front, and then down from the back, meeting in the middle. Make sure the area is totally dry before applying the backup kit. It's OK if there is a little leave-behind from the previous kit, because it will actually help the next tuck stay that much better.

Enjoy your swim!

Have a question or a story to share? Or even a tip on swimming-while-tucked that we didn't mention here? Let us know in the comments below!

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